MILLIE’S MISSION: A Veterinarian’s Professional Responsibility to Report Suspected Animal Abuse

Recently, we launched Millie’s Mission – a new program here at DaisyCares designed to reduce animal abuse in Bexar County through public education and awareness. Here’s today’s mission…

Similar to a teacher reporting possible abuse that they suspect with one of their students or a doctor calling CPS on a parent if they suspect abuse on a child, a veterinarian is required to report suspected animal abuse.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) considers it the responsibility of the veterinarian do the following:

  • Report abuse cases to appropriate authorities, whether or not reporting is mandated by law.
  •  Educate clients regarding humane care and treatment of animals.

We all believe that the disclosure of abuse is necessary to protect the health and welfare of animals and people.  Veterinarians and anyone reporting animal abuse should be aware that accurate record keeping and documentation of these cases is essential.

Thank you to all of the Veterinarians and good samaritans who report abuse and work hard to keep animals healthy and safe!

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