MILLIE’S MISSION: Help Save a Hero

Last year, we launched Millie’s Mission – a new program here at DaisyCares designed to reduce animal abuse in Bexar County through public education and awareness. We ask that you please take a few minutes to help us with today’s mission…



Marley, a brave yellow Labrador Retriever that saved a little girl from a vicious dog attack, needs our help! Here’s background on Marley’s story via ChipIn:

San Antonio Animal Care Services impounded both dogs and destroyed the attacking dog. Animal Care Services has deemed Marley a ‘Dangerous Dog’ and is requiring his owners to pay $100,000 public liability insurance on Marley, purchase special collars/leashes, muzzle him, and more. Marley’s owners do not have the financial capabilities to fight the city & the city is charging the family a specific fee for each day Marley is impounded. We believe Marley is NOT a dangerous dog and instead should be regarded as a hero.


The family is currently using an attorney to fight for Marley, who is thankfully taking this case pro-bono. Supporters can CLICK HERE to make a financial contribution to help the family cover the fees charged by the city. You can also CLICK HERE to view Marley’s story on the local news.


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