Happy Pet Tails: Oliver

We have yet another happy pet tale from one of our DaisyCares Veterinary Care recipients! Here’s a quick update from 8 year old Oliver’s mom Lindsey…

Poor Oliver was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes in February. He had been losing weight, was lethargic, had excessive thirst/ dehydration, urinated to an extreme excess, had become increasingly anxious, and started sleeping on the bathroom floor (small/dark room)…all hallmark symptoms of the disease.

Feline Diabetes is often reversible with a proper diet and treatment over the course of time, so he needed testing to determine the extent of his illness and to determine the course of treatment.

The DaisyCares Veterinary Care grant has allowed Lindsey, a college student, to get her best friend tested properly and on an appropriate treatment regimen.  Oliver, thankfully, now has a chance to beat the disease!

Your continued donations help us help more families like Oliver and his mom, and we’re extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors that make the grants possible. You can CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to our Veterinary Care Program

We send hugs and kisses to Oliver and his mom Lindsey!!!