Happy Pet Tails: Keiko and Bambi

We have two more happy pet tales from our DaisyCares Veterinary Care recipients! Here’s a quick update for Keiko and Bambi…

Eight year old Keiko suffered from a painful and debilitating broken jaw. With a parent who was receiving unemployment and working only part time, getting the medical care needed to set her jaw into place was going to be an impossibility. Little Bambi, who adores her mom, needed her kidney removed because a stone was obstructing the ureter, requiring a necessary and life-saving surgery that her mom could not afford.

We’re happy to report that both of the pups are on the mend thanks to their incredible doctors and the DaisyCares Veterinary Care grants they received!

Your continued support and donations help us assist more families like Keiko, Bambi, and their parents. We’re extremely grateful for the generosity of our donors that make the grants possible. You can CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to our Veterinary Care Program.

We want to send tons of hugs and kisses to Keiko, Bambi, and their loving families!!!

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