Veterinary Update: Sammy Davis, Jr

We recently had the honor of assisting a sweet pup in serious need – the result not only saved his life, but “Sammy Davis, Jr” also ended up with a loving forever home.

Not too long ago, we received an email from someone asking for help for a dog in their neighborhood:

“I saw this dog months ago at the Riverside apartments. He seemed happy friendly and young. Then I was told someone kicked him so hard his eye popped out. I did not see the dog for months, until yesterday. His eye is gone but the hole is vulnerable to infection and maggots.”

Who could do such a thing? Harming a sweet, helpless animal. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to help save this dog. Not long after Sammy Davis, Jr was taken to the vet, we received his medial report card:

“SDJ is heart worm negative! He was treated for ear mites and de-wormed. The vet cleaned up his eye really well and cut his long lashes to keep them from causing more tearing. In a few weeks he will get neutered and the rest of his eye will be removed. I have spent hours dematting him, bathing and clipping. He was so loaded with fleas, flea poo, burrs and grime. He even has tape stuck on his tail. In a month or so his coat should look good. It is very soft. He had kisses for everyone at the vet but got nervous about being in the car.”

Thank you to the wonderful samaritans who rescued Sammy Davis, Jr and to the amazing veterinary staff who so diligently and thoroughly cared for his wounds. This pup’s life has taken a turn for the best – his happy smile says it all!