Operation Bring Daisy Home…

This adorable pup is 4 year-old Daisy and her Dad Jeremy, a military veteran, was referred to us by his veterinarian.

Daisy was admitted to the hospital after she lost all feeling in her back legs and began suffering from extreme pain. Within 48 hours, she had gone from an active and happy dog to not having any movement in her legs or any control over her bowel or bladder movements. She also had severe back pain and no deep feeling in her legs or toes.

Soon, her Dad learned that Daisy had Intervertebral Disc Disease, a calciumized disk had burst in her spine, and she would need emergency surgery to fix the issues. Thankfully, the surgery went well, and Daisy is currently recovering at the hospital.

After negotiating a reduced bill with the doctor, he raised thousands to cover the medical bill, but currently still owes over $1,700 to the hospital. To bring a recovering Daisy home, her Dad has to pay the balance of the medical fees, and each night Daisy stays at the doctor, approximately $16 is added to the bill.

In addition to the initial surgery, Daisy will need continuous treatments to help her through her recovery. Her Dad, who received the dog as a gift when he returned home from a deployment, can afford the recovery treatments, but he can’t afford to pay for both the bill and the treatments.

Jeremy told DaisyCares…

“I’m just trying to get my dog back home. I live by myself and my two dogs are all I have right now.”

We have given Daisy the maximum DaisyCares Veterinary Care Program grant, and we ask that you please help Jeremy and his 2 1/2 year old son bring Daisy home by making a donation to a Causes fundraiser we have created specifically for Daisy and her family. CLICK HERE or use the widget below to make a difference and donate, and thank you in advance for your help!

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