Happy Pet Tails: Thomas

Happy pet tales are awesome and the best part of what we do here at DaisyCares! It’s always great to hear back from the DaisyCares Veterinary Care recipients, and today, we received an update from Thomas’ family.

Thomas was unable to eat, because he had a chronic nasal infection that wasn’t responding to treatment. His upper respiratory infection was also preventing him from smelling his food, and he had developed a cough, making his quality of life a little worse.

With his Veterinary Care grant, Thomas received treatment that allowed him to begin eating within a few days. His doctors were also able to get him on proper medications for his asthma and help him long term. Thankfully, his parents report that Thomas is doing well!

We’re extremely grateful for the continued generosity of our donors that make the grants possible, and we send Thomas lots of DaisyCares hugs and kisses and wish him continued health and happiness!

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