Happy Pet Tails: Copper

Who doesn’t love a happy pet tale? Our hearts fill with more joy than we can explain every time we hear back from the DaisyCares Veterinary Care recipients. Today we heard from Copper’s loving owner, Denise.

Copper’s mom contacted us when she learned that her 4-year old dog needed an emergency C-section to help safely deliver her eleven puppies. Seven of the puppies made it through the difficult delivery, and Denise says that they are all enormously happy that Copper is alive and on the mend.

She also sent the following message…

I THANK YOU and your organization for assistance and for your kindness and professionalism during this time of need for me and my Copper.

We are so happy that we were able to help Copper and her family with the medical expenses and that she and her puppies are doing so well!

We send them all of our love and wish them continued health and happiness!

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