Happy Anniversary, DaisyCares!!!

DaisyCares is excited to announce that we are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY today!

Since launching our programs on April 1st last year, DaisyCares has worked extremely hard to help needy families keep and care for their pets. We have raised over 46,357lbs of pet food that has helped feed approximately 5,370 pets, and we have provided veterinary care grants to over 100 qualifying pets and families!!!

With your help, DaisyCares can reach our goal this year of raising over 50,000lbs of pet food and helping over 1,000 needy families with veterinary care grants.

To help us reach our goal this year, we are hosting the DAISYCARES ANNIVERSARY DRIVE thru the month of April to raise $2011 to support the DaisyCares Veterinary Care Program and to gather 2011 pounds of pet food to support the DaisyCares Pet Food Program.

Here’s how you can help:

Thanks to all of you who have helped make our first year a great success!

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