Daisy’s Barn was established in 2017. This program serves as the hands on component to Project Kindness. The barn is located at the San Antonio Food Bank.

Map It!
Daisy’s Barn
5200  Enrique M. Barrera PKWY
San Antonio, TX 78227

The barn houses sheep, goats and chickens. Field trips and volunteer groups are welcome. Check out this video over the barn! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2jqIjrZnOM

Volunteering at Daisy’s Barn

*** Due to the COVID19 pandemic, volunteer opportunities are limited ***

All volunteer opportunities and Project Kindness presentations for Daisy’s Barn can be scheduled through the San Antonio Food Bank’s volunteer webpage at www.safoodbank.org/volunteer .

Project Kindness at Daisy’s Barn – Animal Welfare Education for Children

*** Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Project Kindness at Daisy’s Barn is limited.  ***

Download the 5 animal freedoms coloring page: Daisys Barn Coloring Page

Daisy’s Barn hosts Project Kindness presentations. Students can learn about livestock and how they tie in to sustainable farming methods. If you would like to schedule a visit to Daisy’s Barn, please fill out this form. 

DaisyCares Patch Program

This program was launched in 2019 by Girl Scout Sarah Rudolph as part of her Gold Award. The requirements for a patch are that each student partakes in a Project Kindness presentation and donates 20lbs of pet food. More details are found here: YouthPatchProgram