DaisyCares Pet Food Program

pet food program

DaisyCares has created the DaisyCares Pet Food Program to provide pet food to needy families so that they can keep their pets.

DaisyCares currently has a pet food program with the San Antonio Food Bank in San Antonio, Texas and hopes to expand to other cities.

The DaisyCares Pet Food Program provides pet food to families through food bank and/or food pantry partners already providing emergency food assistance to families and individuals in need.

DaisyCares will work with local retail stores and with pet food manufacturers to obtain donations of pet food and products for distribution.

DaisyCares Pet Food Program at the San Antonio Food Bank

safbLogoColorDaisyCares and the San Antonio Food Bank have partnered to create a DaisyCares Pet Food Program at the San Antonio Food Bank– a program designed to provide struggling families and individuals with pet food assistance for their pets. Food is sourced through food drives, retail sites, and manufacturers/distributors.

Host a Pet Food Drive

Your help is greatly needed. By hosting a pet food drive for your work, school or community organization, you’re helping families and pets stay together. To get started, contact DaisyCares for more information. Be sure to check out our wish list for much needed items.

Become a Partner Agency

Our partner agencies provide relief to families in need. Only pantries who are partnered with the San Antonio Food Bank can participate in the DaisyCares Pet Food Program.

Become an agency: https://safoodbank.org/partner-agencies/become-partner-agency/

Already an agency? Find more info here: DaisyCares Guidelines

DaisyCares agencies are required to fill out this monthly form by every 5th of the month.

Need Pet Food Assistance?

For information about pet food assistance, please contact the San Antonio Food Bank’s Social Services Outreach team at (210) 431-8326.

Photo Gallery

Browse Photos of the lives DaisyCares has impacted through veterinary care services.

In Honor and In Memory

Beloved four-legged friends in which donations were made in honor of.