DaisyCares Supporters are the BEST

BIG thanks to Lone Star Pet Supply, Lackland Air Force Base, Whole Foods, and all of our supporters!!!

BIG THANKS to all of our supporters and organizations like Lone Star Pet Supply (who donated over 1500lbs of pet food in August), Lackland Air Force Base (who hosted an August pet food drive), Whole Foods (who hosted another pet food drive this month) and other large, Texas-based companies for helping the needy pets in our community by donating pet food to DaisyCares!!!

With your help and donations from local companies, DaisyCares raised over 56,000lbs of pet food and distributed over 46,000lbs to 25 different agencies, helping almost 1,000 families and feeding over 5,300 pets in 2010.

Only 9 months into 2011 and your donations have already allowed us to raise over 110,000lbs of pet food, distribute over 95,000lbs to 30 agencies, help over 650 families and feed over 2,300 pets!!!

Your donations and fundraisers support the DaisyCares Pet Food and Veterinary Assistance Programs – programs designed to provide struggling families and individuals with food and vet care assistance for their pets, and you all deserve a BIG pat on the back!

Want to help even more families and pets stay together? Anyone can easily host a virtual or traditional pet food drive for their work, school or community organization. To get started, contact DaisyCares for more information.

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie
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