Daisy’s Barn

Daisy’s Barn was established in 2017. This program serves as the hands on component to Project Kindness. The barn is located at the San Antonio Food Bank.

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Daisy’s Barn
5200  Enrique M. Barrera PKWY
San Antonio, TX 78227

The barn houses sheep, goats and chickens. Field trips and volunteer groups are welcome.

All volunteer opportunities and Project Kindness presentations for Daisy’s Barn can be scheduled through the San Antonio Food Bank’s volunteer webpage at www.safoodbank.org/volunteer



Why Donate to DaisyCares?

We need your support to help feed and care for pets.

Your generosity enables DaisyCares to provide help when economic hardship falls upon families. Your gift will go to work instantly to keep pets with their family and out of a shelter.

Where Does the Money Go?

95% of all money given to DaisyCares goes directly to delivering results.

Other Ways to Give

Volunteer your time. Host a pet food drive or help with an event. Learn more

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