About DaisyCares

Daisy DaisyCares is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to provide pet food, medical care to needy pets, and reduce animal abuse through public education and awareness.

The organization was launched in April 2010 by Ami Gordon and Cassie Ross in honor of Gordon’s beloved yorkie, Daisy. DaisyCares was created to give back the gift of life that Daisy received, and to provide hope to all needy pets.

DaisyCares has founded the DaisyCares Veterinary Care Program for applicants who meet qualification. Veterinary care grants are subject to availability of funding.

Additionally, DaisyCares has created the DaisyCares Pet Food Program to provide pet food to families who might otherwise be faced with the decision of abandoning or surrendering their family pets.

All donations to both programs are tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

  • Ami Gordon
  • Cassandra Ross
  • Juana Gonzalez
  • Landon Ross
  • Sue Gordon
  • Scott Henslee

Read the heartwarming story about Daisy, the namesake of our non-profit organization, DaisyCares.